Welcome to eLab - Fertiliser(UserGuide)

1.Rgistration for sample fertiliser
  • You will see login page as shown
  • User Name-Enter user name.
  • Password-Enter password and click on submit button
  • You will see eLab Use Menu page
  • Click on 'New Sample Registration' shown in red circle
  • You will get Sample Registration form
  • Sample info- Select Sample type and date will generate automatically
  • Sample datails-
  • Select Sample,inspector code only 6 digit number,Sample Number only 3 digit Number and year&Type allowed.
  • Sample Taken At-Select options as per requirement (Factory,Dealer,Scheme,Urgent )
  • Fertiliser Type-Select fertiliser type from given list
  • Fertiliser Grade-Select fertiliser grade
  • Memorandum Detail-Enter memorandum number and memorandum date(in dd/mm/yy format) in respective field.
  • Reject-Select Yes or No.
  • Sample Submitted By-If Sample recived by post then enter POST other wise enter person name
  • Add other Sample Details-Select appropriate option and click on submit button
  • You will get Lab No. which is unique for every lab note down for your future references.(as shown and click 'OK')