Sample Registerd List
  • Click on Sample Registerd List link which is present on eLab User Menu
  • You will get Sample Registerd List
  • Result-Select Sample Type
  • Status-Select status From given list you will see same type of sample in the list
  • Period-Enter date in dd/mm/yy format in from and to field so that you will get list between specific dates
  • Days to Time Bar-Here you will get list of samples; add number i.e. dead line to despatch result.
  • Display Records-select number from list i.e to display record at a time
  • Search All Columns-You can also search columnwise
  • You can also search individually by Sample type/Lab no/received date/Sample code/District name/Taluka Name/ Inspector name/fd/type/grade/status/code no/analyst name i.e by all columns which are given in above list